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Mobility: Safe for all – today and tomorrow

Functional safety has become essential in our hightech world.

At Dr. Graband & Partner GmbH, an independent inspection body type A is accredited in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 both for railbound traffic and in the areas of automation technology and automotive. Thus GRABAND is also available as an independent service provider for third party tasks.

In the field of command control and signaling technology GRABAND carries out assessments / validations and draws up expert opinions in the environment of EBO, CENELEC and EN 61508.

Design reviews of interlocking systems occur for widespread technologies, such as SIMIS-C, SIMIS-D, SICAS, ZSB 2000 and B950.

GRABAND undertakes assessments on the basis of ISO 26262 in the automotive sector. Validations of development processes take place for instance for high voltage storage media and electronic steering systems. In addition we carry out equivalent confrmation reviews.

Our Services

Our assessment department as well as the accredited inspection body type A (in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012) create expert's reports to ensure the usage of safe rail automation products. Here we carry out conformity assessments of safety-related components. Through our experience you will learn at an early stage in the course of the project if your product meets the current procedural and safety-related requirements.

Our EBA (Federal Railway Authority)-approved experts carry out assessments based on relevant standards as EN 50126, EN 50128 and EN 50129. We look back to more than 20 years of experience in approval and construction processes of rail technology components and sustainably integrate this experience into your products. We are pleased to serve you with safety-relevant appraisals and process evaluations of your development processes.

For your projects including electronic interlocking-technologies SIEMENS SIMIS-C and SIMIS-D, Scheidt & Bachmann ZSB 2000 or Bombardier B950 design reviews in accordance with VV BAU-STE have to be carried out within a predetermined time frame?

You are planning with electronic level crossing systems BUES 2000 or RBÜT and require prompt design reviews? Our experts for electronic interlockings and level crossings assemble diverse EBA approvals in accordance with VV PRÜF-STE for the above mentioned systems and let the assessment of your interlocking and level crossing systems proft from their experience gathered in more than two decades plus currently acquired tool and project experiences.

With the ever-growing application of electronic assistance systems combined with steadily growing technological safety-related tasks, functional safety in motor vehicles is becoming more and more important. The application of common standards as e.g. ISO 26262 therefore is of profound importance. Meanwhile we are looking at more than a decade of experience in applying this standard in safety-technology highly-sensitive system components as e.g. in electronic steering systems or high-power as well as high-voltage storage media. We offer you to take advantage of our assessment if you are interested in us determining process conformity and evaluating your safety case. With an assessment we can serve you with an evaluation and certifcation showing whether your development processes are in lines with standard ISO 26262. We are an accredited inspection body type A in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 and therefore able to serve you as a an independent partner.

In the industry we fnd increasing numbers of cases of man and robot working together. In order to protect humans, people are calling for proof of functional safety in accordance with ISO TS 15066, ISO 10218 and ISO 13849 standards for applications in the so-called man machine collaboration. As inspection body we delivered this evidence together with a manufacturer. With all this experience in dealing with standards we would be delighted to serve you as an independent partner.

X-ray equipment, contains safety systems to protect people from radiation which are evaluated by GRABAND within the framework of the X-ray Ordinance (RöV) and ISO 13849 respectively.

Contact us

Call us at +49 531 27383-67 or send us an e-mail for more information about our services.