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Our technical consulting experts have been competent and reliable partners in implementing functional safety for decades. Functional safety shall already spot all product operation risks during the development process. With the assistance of methods and processes we discover all risks of a system through intensive analysis of functions. We focus on the risks occurring through operation of a product causing possible damage to humans or the environment.

The process of functional safety offers you the chance to recognize these risks at an early stage and to deal with them cost-effectively. For this functional safety offers solutions to let you keep the risks controllable or do without. Our aim is to produce a product with the highest possible safety at the lowest possible expense. To reach this aim the technical consulting department of GRABAND is your best choice.

Our Services

Are you aware of all the risks connected to your products? Can you prove that everything for safe operation has been done? Taking care of that – that is what we do.

Developing new systems in rail nowadays is often subject to CENELEC standards. Starting with risk analysis, over specifications of safety requirements, analysis of implementations all the way to designing safety verification – we are glad to be at your service. Whatever you require – we accompany your process in parts or also of course throughout an entire product life-cycle. Our experts for functional safety are extensively experienced in projects in vehicle as well as in infrastructure areas. We have been able to demonstrate our mentioned expertise in numerous amounts of finished projects in and outside Germany.

Rely on our know-how concerning issuing FMECAs and FTAs in methods and technique. Furthermore we can point at past successful projects in which the safety guideline vehicle (SIRF) was principle of processing.

Does CENELEC, SIRF, CSM, VV-IBG, TSI, TeSIP, AEG, NNTRs, DeBo, Nobo, AssBo, MoU, TEIV or Cross Acceptance ring a bell? Nowadays one can easily lose the overview when you desire approvals for new systems concerning infrastructure or vehicles. If you want to pave your way through a jungle of approvals as efficiently and effectively as possible then you should rely on the expertise of GRABAND. We ensure a swift and complete overview of your system corresponding with rapid and flexible handling. With pleasure we can also accompany your sub-providers, specialists, customers and responsible safety and supervisory authorities while managing collaboration as well. We would especially enjoy utilizing our experience for you in the fields of main and secondary lines as well as for underground and suburban areas in Germany and other European countries.

In Germany BOStrab (Ordinance on the Construction and Operation of Rail Systems for Light-Rail Transit) ensures safe metro and underground operations. We employ some of those "competent individuals" who among others can carry out acceptances in accordance to BOStrab for your plans. In the case that you require assessments and experts opinions in BOStrab relevant fields – you are right to choose GRABAND. In this connection we may just as well point at our expertise as experts at court. Regarding our safety assessment our range of expertise, dependent on the current product life-cycle phase, goes from necessary assessment of measures for fault prevention and fault analysis via assessment of existing safety verification of development and construction documents all the way to inspections and tests. Just like in other areas of operation we do not only act nationwide but also in other European and non-European countries in which BOStrab is essential for acceptance.

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Call us at +49 531 27383-74 or send us an e-mail for more information about our services.