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OPUS10 is a world leading software for cost effective optimization of stocking spare parts and support solutions for complex technical systems. With OPUS10's decision support you can boost the availability of your vehicles and substantially reduce costs for spare parts.

OPUS10 users are to be found worldwide and in various industrial sectors. An example in the railway sector is the optimization of spare part stockpiling for Bombardier's Delhi Metro project. Transitio, one of Sweden's major vehicle leasing companies, is a further one currently using OPUS10 for their analytical support. 


SIMLOX enables you to simulate performance values of technical systems over various periods of time. Here various maintenance and operating conditions can be compared and the system capacity of your transportation system can be analysed. Through using SIMLOX you will get to know the limits of your system better and can estimate future system behaviour more concretely.

You can find SIMLOX-customers in private as well as in public organizations and in various branches. Commuter traffic in Stockholm for example was analyzed with the support of simulations. Results being comparable, thanks to key performance indicators (KPIs) for capacity and availability, served as an important basis for following investment decisions. 

Cost analysis

CATLOC is a powerful software for life cycle cost (LCC) analysis and other types of cost analysis and public budget estimates. CATLOC helps you to take control of the costs for development, acquisition, operation and maintenance during your system’s life cycle.

CATLOC is used likewise by producers as well as by operators of technically complex systems around the world. Thus CATLOC was among others used by Stockholm transport as a tool to evaluate procurement and delivery of subways and trams. Herewith investments as well as operating and maintenance costs could already be evaluated in a structured way during the evaluation of suppliers.