Flat hierar­chical struc­tures allocated in service areas – that is how GRABAND is struc­tured. As an autono­mous company in every respect, GRABAND is 100% indepen­dent of third parties.

Contact persons

Manage­mentDipl.-Ing. Rolf Stadt­lander
Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Michael Schön­berger
Serhat Adak, M.Sc.
Head of technical consul­tingDipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Alexander Kopmann
Head of software enginee­ringDr.-Ing. Rainer Friedrich
Head of technical planning Braun­schweigDipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Marc Zachries
Head of valida­tion / assess­mentDipl.-Ing. Lutz Dudlo
Head of life cycle cost manage­mentRichard Schrötke, B.Eng.
Manage­ment Berlin officeDipl.-Ing. Rolf Stadt­lander
Head of technical planning BerlinDipl.-Ing. Sven Oelschläger
Head of project manage­mentDipl.-Ing. Sven Misler
Head of Dresden officeDipl.-Ing. Sven Oelschläger