The more trades involved, the more thrilling it becomes

A self-reliant GRABAND team is ready to support you in your technical planning of rail facili­ties at our headquar­ters as well as at our subsi­diary in Berlin. GRABAND takes care of your desired planning tasks of your new develo­p­ment, moder­niza­tion and dismant­ling projects for complex facili­ties in the rail sector.

A special focus thereby is on the planning of technical equipment from command control and signaling over electric, railway traction power and telecom­mu­ni­ca­tion systems up to level crossing techno­logy.

This accounts for facili­ties of Deutsche Bahn AG, its subsi­dia­ries, private railway companies as well as for projects of local public railway transport.

GRABAND also supports you in carrying out the call for tenders and awarding process. We prepare your construc­tion measure from the call for tenders, tender evalua­tion, bidder negotia­tion up to the awarding proposal.


With our compe­tency gained in more than 25 years of planning experi­ence we offer custo­mised solutions for the realiza­tion of your very own objec­tives in railway equipment projects.

Our expertise

Our core areas of expertise are in planning of railway equipment.

We especi­ally offer a wide range of know how in

  • train protec­tion and signaling systems
  • opera­tions control and telecon­trol techno­logy
  • control center techno­logy
  • electrical enginee­ring / traction power systems
  • telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions techno­logy
  • point and depot controls

as well as the corre­spon­ding under­ground enginee­ring.

We prepare your activi­ties with

  • feasi­bi­lity studies
  • economic feasi­bi­lity studies
  • formu­la­tion of qualified tasks.

GRABAND is your main contact partner through the entire imple­men­ta­tion process.

Planning technical equipment

During all service phases of HOAI (Fee Structure for Archi­tects and Engineers) we offer you the necessary profes­sional and economic handling procee­dings to reach your aims.

We offer support when you have to negotiate with respon­sible public bodies. The cost evalua­tion of your project will be carried out timely. It is our purpose to ensure that there will be no problems regarding approval and financing of your project.

With the following imple­men­ta­tion planning of all trades we ensure that you are ready for building.

We help your mainten­ance through providing audited planning documents. For you these also lay the founda­tion for future planning.

Call for tenders / Awarding of contracts

Our service offer of course includes completed tenders as well as the awarding prepa­ra­tions of your projects.

Independently and compe­tently we evaluate the bids using economic and technical criteria. We will provide you with a clear basis for awarding of contracts.

We prepare your projects perfectly

  • from perfor­mance speci­fi­ca­tions to price compa­rison sheets
  • from carrying out talks with tenders
  • to award proposal

we accompany you with your on-time and profes­sional building imple­men­ta­tion.

GRABAND is your reliable business partner for your successful construc­tion planning.

Contact us

Call us at +49 30 264937–66 (Berlin) or +49 531 27383–52 (Braun­schweig) or mail one of our planning offices in either Berlin or  Braun­schweig for more infor­ma­tion about our services.