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The commissioning of complex projects is not a one-man show

You work for years towards the milestone called commissioning. Your adherence to schedules and the many right decisions can quickly be forgotten, if the commissioning does not take place as previously planned.

You have already done series of commissioning. Were you satisfied with the overarching communication and documentation?

Did you have adequate capacities to prepare the commissioning along with your daily operations? Were you able to bring all project participants in and satisfy them?

If you respond to any of these questions with "no", then ask for our support.

Our experienced team of experts develops more than twenty commissioning concepts annually. Thanks to our nationwide operations we are also able to display alternative solution options from other regions in order to enhance decision making for all parties.

For the communication of construction operational constraints and the work of all trades within a certain time frame our phase plan has proven to be handy. Everyone involved is aware of his or her achievements and specifications. The phase plan enables us to display the necessary boundary conditions for the realization of all trades and therefore offers a basis for discussion for finding common solutions.

We do not only focus on the building process commissioning is dependent upon. In order to secure successful operations and maintenance of new facilities we tell you the preconditions, coordinate these with all parties involved and keep an eye on fulfillment with the help of a checklist. In connection with this, we can also create damage concepts, special speed restriction sections plus database and change documents for you.

How often have you heard: "There are no additional track possessions"? Nonetheless, something always works. We assess the constructional registrations of the companies, spot operational restrictions and chances and create, in partnership with the executing companies, constructional registrations which are feasible and ready for approval.

Together with suppliers and construction companies we adjust their construction technologies and support them with registering track possessions. For dismantling signals with rail bound technology we design logistic planning.

Due to our experience, especially in the trades for equipment we are capable, in alliance with suppliers and acceptance inspectors, to develop acceptance concepts and to provide you with solution suggestions even when time-sensitive track possessions interfere.

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