The commis­sio­ning of complex projects is not a one-man show

You work for years towards the milestone called commis­sio­ning. Your adherence to schedules and the many right decisions can quickly be forgotten, if the commis­sio­ning does not take place as previously planned.

You have already done series of commis­sio­ning. Were you satisfied with the overar­ching commu­ni­ca­tion and documen­ta­tion?

Did you have adequate capaci­ties to prepare the commis­sio­ning along with your daily opera­tions? Were you able to bring all project parti­ci­pants in and satisfy them?

If you respond to any of these questions with “no”, then ask for our support.


Our experi­enced team of experts develops more than twenty commis­sio­ning concepts annually. Thanks to our nation­wide opera­tions we are also able to display alter­na­tive solution options from other regions in order to enhance decision making for all parties.

Thinking and seeing outside the box

For the commu­ni­ca­tion of construc­tion opera­tional constraints and the work of all trades within a certain time frame our phase plan has proven to be handy. Everyone involved is aware of his or her achie­ve­ments and speci­fi­ca­tions. The phase plan enables us to display the necessary boundary condi­tions for the realiza­tion of all trades and therefore offers a basis for discus­sion for finding common solutions.

Precon­di­tions for commis­sio­ning

We do not only focus on the building process commis­sio­ning is dependent upon. In order to secure successful opera­tions and mainten­ance of new facili­ties we tell you the precon­di­tions, coordi­nate these with all parties involved and keep an eye on fulfill­ment with the help of a checklist. In connec­tion with this, we can also create damage concepts, special speed restric­tion sections plus database and change documents for you.

Construc­tion operation planning

How often have you heard: “There are no additional track posses­sions”? Nonetheless, something always works. We assess the construc­tional regis­tra­tions of the companies, spot opera­tional restric­tions and chances and create, in partner­ship with the executing companies, construc­tional regis­tra­tions which are feasible and ready for approval.

Construc­tion techno­logy

Together with suppliers and construc­tion companies we adjust their construc­tion techno­lo­gies and support them with regis­tering track posses­sions. For dismant­ling signals with rail bound techno­logy we design logistic planning.

Assess­ment / Accep­tance

Due to our experi­ence, especi­ally in the trades for equipment we are capable, in alliance with suppliers and accep­tance inspec­tors, to develop accep­tance concepts and to provide you with solution sugges­tions even when time-sensitive track posses­sions interfere.

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