Some Milestones


In March 1986 the founders met to sign the incor­po­ra­tion documents to found Dr. Graband & Partner GmbH in Braun­schweig, where the headquar­ters have been since.


Accep­tance as an inspec­tion body by the BZA (now EBA (national safety authority))


In order to deepen our existing business relations in Berlin which we have had since our start we founded our Berlin subsi­diary in April 1990.

The German reuni­fi­ca­tion came with the poor state of rail infra­struc­ture of the time in the capital and the new states, this circum­s­tance let us expand our fields of project manage­ment and planning.


Certi­fi­ca­tion in accordance with ISO 9001 by the DQS


Accep­tance as an assessing organiza­tion by the EBA


Member of VDB Verband der Bahnin­dus­trie in Deutsch­land e.V. (German Railway Industry Associa­tion)


Klaus-Dieter Sievers appointed as managing director


As a subsi­diary to our Berlin office a further office was put in place in Leipzig to support our project manage­ment opera­tions.


As a subsi­diary to our Berlin office an another office was put in place in Dresden to support our activi­ties in technical planning.


Enlarging business premises the headquar­ters moved within Braun­schweig to Heinrich-Büssing-Ring 25


Accre­di­ta­tion as an inspec­tion body type A in accordance with DIN EN ISP/IEC 17020


Finally, after two years of renovating and recon­s­truc­ting, we moved to our prize­win­ning new head office – our current address. The GRABAND planned changes of the office building received the special prize of the “Ressour­cen­ef­fi­zienz für die Region” (regional resource effici­ency prize) by the “Regionale Energie­Agentur e.V.”, Braun­schweig.


Rolf Stadt­lander appointed as managing director


Freshly boosted appearance as the GRABAND trademark. Germany substi­tu­tion of the Systecon AB for OPUS SUITE.

Our stand at the InnoTrans in Berlin.


Appoint­ment of Michael Schön­berger as managing director


Gerhard Schulze and Klaus-Dieter Sievers transfer their respon­si­bi­lity as managing directors to their colle­agues Rolf Stadt­lander and Michael Schön­berger


Where it all began: The office in the attic of Glück­strasse 7 in Braun­schweig – executive office, telephone switch­board and secre­ta­riat in one.
The first outgoing invoice.
The first real offices: moving into two floors at Campestrasse 13/14 in July 1986.
Marketing from the early days.
Reachab­ility in field service in 1990: 22 x 17 x 8 cm with 32 cm antenna and 2.3 kg weight.
Dr. Michael Graband († 1998)
2005: Move in three floors in the Heinrich-Büssing-Ring 25
The company logo for almost 30 years.