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Rail Infrastructure: From Planning and Testing to Project Management – a Long Road to Commissioning

In the course of progressive technologies as well as infrastructural and/or economic optimizations, existing installations such as signal boxes, train control and grade crossing installations including the associated systems must be adapted, replaced by modern technology or deconstructed. Extensive qualified planning services must be provided long before the actual construction work begins.

Dr. Graband & Partner GmbH supports you in every service phase and (almost) all trades. You have a job – we have the individual, economical and sustainable solution.

Determination of feasibility

In order to determine the basic technical, organizational, legal and economic feasibility, the basic principles must first be ascertained and a preliminary and design plan drawn up. These essentially include the review and, if necessary, updating of the task definition, advice on the scope of services, a stocktaking and location analysis as well as cost estimation and calculation.

These are exactly the services GRABAND provides from one single source - professional, uncomplicated and flexible.


Application for permit

Within the framework of the approval planning, a construction application in the proper form is prepared and submitted with the aim of obtaining a building permit. The application includes permit planning, an application form, safety certificates, planning documents and other necessary documents.

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Feasibility planning

The implementation planning forms the core component of the planning services, both technically and in terms of scope. Based on the draft and approval planning, it ensures the realization of the construction project. Through intensive exchange with the experts, suppliers, contractors and the future operator, such as Deutsche Bahn, private railways or other planning offices, all detailed questions must be clarified to the greatest extent possible. The aim of this planning phase is the preparation of the implementation plans as a basis for the determination of quantities and thus as preparation for the award of contracts.

The implementation planning can be differentiated in the area of rail-bound traffic in:

  • Plan part 1 (PT 1): Generally applicable planning documents of the protection system according to operator specifications and requirements; partly with manufacturer-related contents
  • Plan part 2 (PT 2): Manufacturer-specific planning documents of the safety system according to Plan part 1 and the manufacturer's application guidelines

If necessary, all planning documents in rail-bound transport will be checked against the applicable guidelines, laws or specifications in accordance with VV BAU (German administrative regulations) and VV BAU-STE (plan verification). Following a technical examination by an expert, an authorized person empowered to submit building documents releases them for construction in accordance with the regulations.

We offer you both the qualified implementation planning of many trades as well as the provision of persons authorized to submit building documents according to VV BAU and VV BAU-STE. You can rely on our decades of experience from countless successfully completed projects.


Preparation of the award

As part of the construction planning, the preparation for the award of the contract initially includes the preparation of a contract schedule. In the further course, the quantities need to be determined as the basis for the specifications from which the costs of the project are finally derived and compared with the prepared cost calculation for control purposes. Subsequently, the award documents will be drawn up.

These services are also provided by our qualified and experienced planning teams.


Execution of the award of contract

Participation in the awarding of contracts essentially involves obtaining tenders, examining and evaluating them and preparing a price comparison list. The submitted service quotations have to be agreed upon and compiled. This is followed by negotiations with selected bidders, the preparation of a cost estimate and cost control and finally the award of the contract.

We are happy to support your awarding process - promptly, transparently and competently.


Ensuring the execution of the construction work

After the order has been placed, the technical, temporal and organizational execution of the object must be ensured in accordance with recognized rules of technology. All the trades involved, such as control and safety technology, traction current, telecommunications, should be supervised, coordinated and accepted during the object or construction supervision in agreement with the executing agencies and authorities. This construction phase also includes setting up and securing time schedules, keeping a job record, auditing and handing over the object including the necessary documents. Setting up statutes of limitations, monitoring the elimination of defects and a final cost control round off the completion.

GRABAND has extensive experience in these trades as well.


Support and documentation of the object

Within the scope of property management and documentation, any defects that may exist must be reported before the statute of limitations expires and their rectification must be arranged and ensured. The release of securities needs to be supported as well as the compilation of drawings, documents and calculation results of the object.

We have successfully provided these services in numerous projects too.


Project management through all phases

Throughout all phases, a professional and qualified project management with its sub-functions project control, commissioning design and construction supervision ensures the processes and consequently the project objectives. It essentially includes the creation and coordination of programs, the preparation and control of organization, schedule and payment plans as well as the regular information of the client about the project progress and the securing of its decisions.

The project management with its sub-functions represents one of our core competences, which we have been able to prove in numerous projects to the satisfaction of our clients.