Planning and Assess­ment for Level Crossings in Schleswig­Holstein and Branden­burg

A large number of level crossing instal­la­tions were to be converted and renewed respec­tively within the long-distance and regional network in Schles­wig­-Holstein as well as in Branden­burg. For this extensive draft, approval and imple­men­ta­tion planning had to be primarily drawn up by GRABAND for the technical equipment construc­tion enginee­ring, command control and signaling as well as electrical enginee­ring. In addition, the service of prepa­ra­tion and assis­tance in awarding of contracts as well as site super­vi­sion had to be performed. Further­more, the technical assess­ments (imple­men­ta­tion planning) had to be carried out as well as autho­rized persons accepting imple­men­ta­tion planning had to be employed according to VV BAU and VV BAU-­STE ((Adminis­tra­tive Regula­tion on the Construc­tion Super­vi­sion) of Signaling, Telecom­mu­ni­ca­tion and Electro­tech­nical Systems).