Your success is our under­stan­ding of programming

Programming is a vast field. It is easy to let a program grow code line by code line. However, when you expect a software to create reliable results because the safety of a train depends on these, then you need more than a simple knowledge of a programming language.

GRABAND has decades of experi­ence in processes which enable maximum requi­re­ments of a software. From design over imple­men­ta­tion and testing up to the verif­ca­tion and valida­tion all process steps have to be taken care of to ensure syste­matic error free software. GRABAND takes care of them.

GRABAND leads you through the whole develo­p­ment process of your software solutions from the first idea to the finished product. GRABAND does not implement prefa­bri­cated solutions but therefore supports the develo­p­ment in your organiza­tion with the know-how of the whole company, dependent on where you need us – including the verifi­ca­tion of single subsys­tems up to valida­ting a feasible overall system.


Especi­ally in existing rail software infra­struc­tures very different systems may interfere with each other. Changing a component always demands overvie­wing the whole system.


We focus on software solutions for control, command control and signaling systems, also safety-relevant and highly reliable software systems and compon­ents and not least programming of user-friendly inter­faces or database systems.

GRABAND stands for process compliant standards from specif­ca­tion of the system you desire to develop all the way to approval. This accounts for updates just as much as for exten­sions of existing software.

Design and imple­men­ta­tion of software

How do you create a software which has to meet defined degrees of safety requi­re­ments? How do you receive compre­hen­sive and unambi­guous software requi­re­ments describing the new software? How do you divide the software into subsys­tems and modules and assure that the proper requi­re­ments have been specified for it?

Our great range of experi­ence in develo­ping safety-relevant software for control, command control and signaling systems helps you compe­tently with the develo­p­ment of your safety-critical software.

Software tests

How can you effici­ently test a software of which you expect to meet a high amount of requi­re­ments? How can you derive test requi­re­ments from software requi­re­ments in order to acquire reliable state­ments of software behavior through testing? Can automated tests run? Is it possible to create a test procedure from an existing descrip­tion? Can existing tools be integrated into existing testing environ­ments? With our help you receive solutions with which you can effici­ently test your software. Regard­less of whether you process some steps of the testing process with tools or if you need an entire new test environ­ment – we create and integrate all required project and testing tools, which you need for an efficient testing procedure from creating test speci­fi­ca­tions all the way to carrying out actual tests.

Verifi­ca­tion and valida­tion

Develo­ping safety-related and highly reliable software requires assess­ments during develo­p­ment that helps spotting devia­tions in software behavior outside speci­fi­ca­tions. Our expertise in verifi­ca­tion and valida­tion of software supports you in your software develo­p­ment process.

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