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Your success is our understanding of programming

Programming is a vast field. It is easy to let a program grow code line by code line. However, when you expect a software to create reliable results because the safety of a train depends on these, then you need more than a simple knowledge of a programming language.

GRABAND has decades of experience in processes which enable maximum requirements of a software. From design over implementation and testing up to the verifcation and validation all process steps have to be taken care of to ensure systematic error free software. GRABAND takes care of them.

GRABAND leads you through the whole development process of your software solutions from the first idea to the finished product. GRABAND does not implement prefabricated solutions but therefore supports the development in your organization with the know-how of the whole company, dependent on where you need us – including the verification of single subsystems up to validating a feasible overall system.

Our Services

Especially in existing rail software infrastructures very different systems may interfere with each other. Changing a component always demands overviewing the whole system.

We focus on software solutions for control, command control and signaling systems, also safety-relevant and highly reliable software systems and components and not least programming of user-friendly interfaces or database systems.

GRABAND stands for process compliant standards from specifcation of the system you desire to develop all the way to approval. This accounts for updates just as much as for extensions of existing software.

How do you create a software which has to meet defined degrees of safety requirements? How do you receive comprehensive and unambiguous software requirements describing the new software? How do you divide the software into subsystems and modules and assure that the proper requirements have been specified for it?

Our great range of experience in developing safety-relevant software for control, command control and signaling systems helps you competently with the development of your safety-critical software.

How can you efficiently test a software of which you expect to meet a high amount of requirements? How can you derive test requirements from software requirements in order to acquire reliable statements of software behavior through testing? Can automated tests run? Is it possible to create a test procedure from an existing description? Can existing tools be integrated into existing testing environments? With our help you receive solutions with which you can efficiently test your software. Regardless of whether you process some steps of the testing process with tools or if you need an entire new test environment – we create and integrate all required project and testing tools, which you need for an efficient testing procedure from creating test specifications all the way to carrying out actual tests.

Developing safety-related and highly reliable software requires assessments during development that helps spotting deviations in software behavior outside specifications. Our expertise in verification and validation of software supports you in your software development process.

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Call us at +49 531 27383-36 or send us an e-mail for more information about our services.