Does your trans­por­ta­tion system arouse a lot of questions?

Opus Suite allows you to evaluate perfor­mance and costs – e.g. of your traffic system – with a new point of view during an entire life cycle. Opus Suite consists of three different software tools which can be used either separa­tely or combined. They stand for optimiza­tion, simula­tions and cost analysis.

Why not take the path to a better manage­ment of your trans­por­ta­tion system today by further develo­ping business activi­ties with the aid of Opus Suite?

We have compiled a number of typical questions of a company operating a public transport system.

The more questions you can answer, the greater your interest in our Opus Suite should be.

Is our mainten­ance strategy the right one?

Which spare parts should be stocked?

Do we have enough vehicles to meet our timetable?

When should we carry out mainten­ance and repair?

Why are many of our vehicles not driving?

How much will operating and maintai­ning the new fleet cost?

Are the current depot capaci­ties suffi­cient?

What are our largest cost drivers?

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