Our technical consul­ting experts have been competent and reliable partners in imple­men­ting functional safety for decades. Functional safety shall already spot all product operation risks during the develo­p­ment process. With the assis­tance of methods and processes we discover all risks of a system through intensive analysis of functions. We focus on the risks occurring through operation of a product causing possible damage to humans or the environ­ment.

The process of functional safety offers you the chance to recognize these risks at an early stage and to deal with them cost-effec­tively. For this functional safety offers solutions to let you keep the risks controll­able or do without. Our aim is to produce a product with the highest possible safety at the lowest possible expense. o reach this aim the technical consul­ting depart­ment of GRABAND is your best choice.

Our Services

Are you aware of all the risks connected to your products? Can you prove that every­thing for safe operation has been done? Taking care of that – that is what we do.

Safety manage­ment

Develo­ping new systems in rail nowadays is often subject to CENELEC standards. Starting with risk analysis, over speci­fi­ca­tions of safety requi­re­ments, analysis of imple­men­ta­tions all the way to designing safety verifi­ca­tion – we are glad to be at your service. Whatever you require – we accompany your process in parts or also of course throug­hout an entire product life-cycle. Our experts for functional safety are exten­si­vely experi­enced in projects in vehicle as well as in infra­struc­ture areas. We have been able to demons­trate our mentioned expertise in numerous amounts of finished projects in and outside Germany.

Rely on our know-how concer­ning issuing FMECAs and FTAs in methods and technique. Darüber hinaus können wir auf erfolg­reiche Projekte verweisen, in denen die Sicher­heits­richt­linie Fahrzeug (SIRF) Prozess­grund­lage war.

Approval manage­ment

Does CENELEC, SIRF, CSM, VV-IBG, TSI, TeSIP, AEG, NNTRs, DeBo, Nobo, AssBo, MoU, TEIV or Cross Accep­tance ring a bell? Nowadays one can easily lose the overview when you desire approvals for new systems concer­ning infra­struc­ture or vehicles. If you want to pave your way through a jungle of approvals as effici­ently and effec­tively as possible then you should rely on the expertise of GRABAND. We ensure a swift and complete overview of your system corre­spon­ding with rapid and flexible handling. With pleasure we can also accompany your sub-providers, specia­lists, customers and respon­sible safety and super­vi­sory autho­ri­ties while managing colla­bo­ra­tion as well. We would especi­ally enjoy utilizing our experi­ence for you in the fields of main and secondary lines as well as for under­ground and suburban areas in Germany and other European countries.

Assess­ment / Accep­tance

In Germany BOStrab (Ordinance on the Construc­tion and Operation of Rail Systems for Light-Rail Transit) ensures safe metro and under­ground opera­tions. We employ some of those “competent indivi­duals” who among others can carry out accep­tances in accordance to BOStrab for your plans. In the case that you require assess­ments and experts opinions in BOStrab relevant fields – you are right to choose GRABAND. In this connec­tion we may just as well point at our expertise as experts at court. Regarding our safety assess­ment our range of expertise, dependent on the current product life-cycle phase, goes from necessary assess­ment of measures for fault preven­tion and fault analysis via assess­ment of existing safety verifi­ca­tion of develo­p­ment and construc­tion documents all the way to inspec­tions and tests. Just like in other areas of operation we do not only act nation­wide but also in other European and non-European countries in which BOStrab is essential for accep­tance.

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