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Planning for the Passenger Train Line Ludwigs­hafen (Rhine) Main Station – BASF

The connec­tion of the BASF plant to the Ludwigs­hafen (Rhine) main station by indivi­dual trains with Diesel traction was replaced by an integra­tion of the passenger train line into the electri­fied S-­Bahn (suburban railway) network Rhine­-Neckar and thus the frequency increased signi­fi­cantly towards the present state. For that the tender documents had to be drawn up by GRABAND for the technical equipment command control and signaling (electronic interlo­cking and level crossing) as well as telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions including assis­tance in awarding of contracts. In addition, the imple­men­ta­tion planning for the command control and signaling (electronic interlo­cking) of several construc­tion stages, entire grounding and inventory plans had to be drawn up as well as assess­ment services had to be performed for the imple­men­ta­tion planning (level crossing).

Senats­ver­wal­tung für Umwelt, Verkehr und Klima­schutz

Assess­ments of Plans for the Building Measure New Construc­tion BAB A100

In the course of the new construc­tion of the federal motorway (BAB) A100, 16th construc­tion stage, from the motorway inter­ch­ange Neukölln up to the junction Am Treptower Park compon­ents of command control and signaling were moved on the circular railway line. he related imple­men­ta­tion planning documents (electronic interlo­ckings (sub opera­tions control centers) Frank­furter Allee and Westkreuz) had to be prepared by an expert of GRABAND approved by the Eisen­bahn­-Bundesamt (Federal Railway Authority) and had to be assessed techni­cally according to the guide­lines of the German Railways.