Mario Schlömann (GRABAND – division “LCCM”) spoke about the depen­den­cies of the aspects “safety, economic effici­ency and security”

The event took place during InnoTrans 2018 in Berlin in the lecture rooms of the CityCube. The speaker empha­sized the necessity to consider safety and RAM LCC topics together and finally to consider IT security as an integral part of railway projects.

After the lecture started with the well-known thesis “safety and economic effici­ency contra­dict each other”, phases and measures for all aspects were presented on the basis of the v‑model, so that at the end of the lecture possible ways out of the argumen­ta­tive dead end or entry thesis were formu­lated. At the end of the presen­ta­tion there was a lively discus­sion between the appro­xi­m­ately 30 interested listeners from different areas and companies of the railway industry as well as the lecturer himself.

We thank parti­cu­larly all the guests who contri­buted to the discourse and thus to the further develo­p­ment of the topic. Due to the topicality of the theme, the lecture has already been requested by project partners for internal training purposes and was held at short notice

In the future, GRABAND will consider the three aspects “safety, economic effici­ency and IT security” exclu­si­vely in context and thus further expand its compe­tence as an overall system under­stander between the conflic­ting aspects – as a highly qualified, reliable and flexible provider of indivi­dual solutions for our customers!

Graphics (2): GRABAND