A dynamic LCCM simulator is now integrated on the LCCM homepage https://lccm.graband.de/lccm-simulator/ . Here, the complex spare parts supply of 16 trains with four service depots can be simulated and optimized with the help of OPUS10 using a graphic example. Would you have made the same decisions? Just try it out (and be amazed)!

With OPUS10 you can display your logistical organiza­tion as well as systems and then optimize them. The software analyses your system and shows you ways to reduce costs and/or increase availa­bi­lity We implement the software in your environ­ment or create the analysis with the developed proposals.

Notice: The simulator is available in German only. Challenge us and let us show you a solution custo­mized for your organiza­tion in a free presen­ta­tion!

Mario Schlömann: +49 531 273 83 13