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Valida­tion, Assess­ment and Speci­fi­ca­tion in the Field of Robotics

In the environ­ment of the human­robot­collaboration the products from the field of robotics were to be developed, examined and tested conforming to standards by GRABAND. For this the existing develo­p­ment phases and processes had to be analyzed and documented on the basis of relevant speci­fi­ca­tions as well as further measures had to be deter­mined based on the results. In addition, a safety manage­ment process had to be imple­mented as well as valida­tion, assess­ment and further support services of a five-­finger gripper had to be performed with the aim of a certi­fi­ca­tion by the profes­sional associa­tion. Further­more, software module draft speci­fi­ca­tions had to be created.