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Railways create a variety of complex, recurring challenges dependent on resource requirements and life cycle costs. When the complexity of a system increases, the difficulty increases likewise to make the strategically right move.

How many trains have to be acquired to cover the required operation? How should the maintenance structures be dimensioned for the next years? Which measures to increase reliability are most effective?

GRABAND has specialized in finding answers to these questions.

We will help you develop a well-founded solution concept, based on your factual business operation and information from your system. We can explain how your trains, depots, workshops and spare parts interact and which impact reliability and maintenance improvements have on costs and your operating performance ability.

Curious now?

Then read on and learn more about what we have to offer and of course about how we can help you.

Complex and extensive contracts in the railway sector are common. With the aid of our experience and tools we ensure that you as a buyer specify necessary requirements or that you as a supplier can cost-efficiently respond to them. With our help you will receive a preview at an early stage, recognize problematic areas, and attain command of the process as well as of the costs – a factor that will be of use during an entire system life cycle.

How many systems can be procured and which repair part volumes should you have on stock? Are maintenance buildings and workshops staffed accordingly? Can you attain the same results with less money? Within complex systems keeping an overview of cost drivers is not easy - especially without the right partners and tools. Opus Suite by Systecon was especially designed to find clear answers to these and other questions.

Many questions come along with the RAM (reliability, availability, maintainability) package. Obtained data often lacks analytic accuracy and precision to allow them to assure a credible portrayal. This will not happen when you work together with GRABAND. With our methods and tools we can help you find answers to balance reliability related life cycle costs in an optimized way.

How reliable is the system? How can you set optimized maintenance intervals? And what happens when something breaks down? Efficient and precise work for system safety is not an easy challenge. With the aid of risk analyses prior to possible decisions we help you to avoid undesired events. Here too, we of course view the various solutions concerning life cycle costs.

Which performance indicators are relevant to measure the level of performance? How do you recognize that the solutions stay stable the whole time? Verification in the rail industry requires experience as well as data and information. Our ability to assess a great deal of operating and maintenance data with the support of statistical data allows us to provide well-founded analyses services – independent of where you are in the life cycle.

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