The contri­bu­tion we parti­ci­pated with in »Energe­ti­sche und bauliche Sanierung eines Bestands­ge­bäudes Baujahr 1970« (energetic and struc­tural renova­tion of an existing building built in 1970) was awarded with the special prize in the compe­ti­tion resource effici­ency for the region.

The jurors praised the multiple measures applied in the compre­hen­sive renova­tion of the building: Geothermal heating and a cooling system with heat pumps and depth probes, into which the exhaust heat of our server cooling is also fed into as well as the automated venti­la­tion system with heat recovery, the use of the no longer required and cleaned under­ground (heating) oil tanks as a water storage for rainwater utiliza­tion and an infil­tra­tion system, additional internal insula­tion of the building, the design of the windows and the glass front with a three-pane heat and sun protec­tion glass as well as LED lighting for the entire interior and exterior area. Additio­nally recycable material and bricks from the demoli­tion works were reused or sold for recycling. Altog­e­ther we could save about 72 percent of bricks and tiles through various measures.