The Swedish accre­di­ta­tion body SWEDAC has asked GRABAND to act as a profes­sional auditor for accre­di­ta­tion.

The head of our inspec­tion body, Mr. Detlef Sack, was in Sweden for a two-day audit as a specia­list auditor under the direction of SWEDAC 

Based on the technical suita­bi­lity and the execution of the audit, GRABAND was newly included into the SWEDAC database as a partner by SWEDAC as a specia­list auditor for railway techno­logy in accordance with the CENELEC standards EN 50126/50128/50129/50159, TSI-CCS 2016/919 and CSM-RA 352/2009 as well as in the areas of automo­tive according to ISO 26262 and automa­tion / robotics (human robot colla­bo­ra­tion – HRC) after EN 10218 and EN 50166.