On 1st December 2019, Sven Oelschläger took over as Head of Planning in Berlin. In his function he directly reports to the manage­ment of GRABAND.

Mr. Oelschläger has been with our company since 1998 and has many years of project experi­ence and a profound under­stan­ding of internal processes.

Sven Oelschläger succeeds Jürgen Habermann, who retired on 30th November2019. We would like to thank Mr. Habermann for his many years of successful and pleasant coope­ra­tion.

“We are pleased to have gained Sven Oelschläger as an experi­enced and recognized expert for this important manage­ment position”, Rolf Stadt­lander says. With his expertise, he will drive the further develo­p­ment of the planning depart­ment in Berlin and contri­bute to the further growth of GRABAND.