This year’s motto was “Ride a bike – for the climate, for Braun­schweig, for you” and GRABAND was pedaling.

The goal was to cycle as many kilome­ters as possible to reduce CO2 emissions in the city of Braun­schweig. A great oppor­tu­nity for GRABAND, a company that provides its employees with company bikes. Ten colle­agues used this campaign as an oppor­tu­nity to put their sporting passion to good use. At every conceivable oppor­tu­nity, the cyclists swung on their bikes. The result is impres­sive. Through a total of 2,931 kilome­ters, 431 kg of CO2 could be avoided. GRABAND achieved 98th place in the overall ranking within the “Braun­schweig community” out of 399 parti­ci­pa­ting teams. If this is not a “motiva­tional injection” for a better climate!?

The Stadt­ra­deln (city cycling) took place not only in Braun­schweig, but nation­wide. The city of lions prevailed against numerous large cities such as Cologne, Frankfurt/Main and Münster and achieved a remar­kable 16th place out of 1,485 parti­ci­pa­ting munici­pa­li­ties. Thus, 5,693 cyclists in our region helped to save 181 tons of CO2 through 1,229,180 kilome­ters of cycling. A great achie­ve­ment!

Evalua­tion Team GRABAND Graphics: Stadt­ra­deln Braun­schweig