Systecon AB

Support Services for the Software Tool Opus Suite

The software tool Opus Suite by the Systecon AB is globally, successfully used in many organiza­tions and companies, among others, for optimi­zing stocking spare parts and spare parts logistics, technical simula­tion of system perfor­mance as well as for analyzing life cycle costs. The software was to be also inten­si­vely distri­buted in Germany, Austria and Switz­er­land as well as a related qualified support offered, now. For this extensive support services had to be essen­ti­ally performed concer­ning sales and consul­ta­tion of the software in general as well as in project-related appli­ca­tion and training for use and metho­do­logy of the Opus Suite in the field of technical systems.

Hanning & Kahl GmbH & Co. KG

System and LCC Modelling with the Opus Suite

As part of the supply of track control and point setting systems for the trams in Amsterdam, among other things, the life cycle costs (LCC) as well as spare parts lists including stocks for operation and mainten­ance had to be deter­mined. Using the Opus Suite software, the system, spare parts and life cycle costs had to be modelled and then calcu­lated in order to optimize stocking.