Alstom LHB GmbH

Drawing Up of RAM and LCC Predic­tions in the Project Coradia Conti­nental

In the develo­p­ment project Coradia Conti­nental custo­mized RAM and LCC predic­tions had to be drawn up for the platform XCC. The speci­fi­ca­tion manage­ment for the sub-supplier had to be carried out as well as the associated results documented.

Alstom Transport Deutsch­land GmbH

Drawing up of Safety Analyses and Reports for Several Platforms

Within the scope of a safety manage­ment, regarding RAMS/LCC aspects, safety analyses, concep­tions, reports, documen­ta­tions and cases had to be drawn up for the archi­tec­ture of the platforms XCC, ET 430, LINT, iLINT and ICNG as well as safety aims defined and coordi­nated. The system and sub-functions deducing safety standards had to be analyzed as well as FTAs and FMEAs carried out during the develo­p­ment. In addition valida­tion and type test services had to be performed. Finally, a concept for the integra­tion of ETCS and corre­spon­ding safety cases had to be developed.

Voith Turbo Schar­fen­berg GmbH & Co. KG

Support in the Fields of RAMS and LCC for Compon­ents of Rail Vehicles

In different projects extensive support services had to be performed in the fields of RAMS and LCC for compon­ents of rail vehicles.