Alstom Transport Deutsch­land GmbH

Support Regarding the RAMS and LCC Analysis for Rolling Stock

Within the scope of develo­p­ment and approval of the regional railcars X60, X61, X62, XCC and XCN support services regarding the safety manage­ment as well as RAMS/LCC analyses had to be performed. In parti­cular the following items were enclosed:

  1. Safety manage­ment and documen­ta­tion
  2. Drawing up and monito­ring of risk analyses on train and sub-system level
  3. Drawing up and keeping of the total technical safety case on train level including Automatic Train Protec­tion (ATP)
  4. Drawing up of technical safety cases for sub-systems
  5. Assis­tance of RAM manage­ment
  6. Drawing up of relia­bi­lity analyses on train level
  7. Drawing up of failure mode, effect and criti­cality analyses (FMECA)
  8. Drawing up of fault tree analyses (FTA) for functions
  9. Analysis of safety requi­re­ments of the ETCS 3.0.
  10. Assess­ment for mainten­ance documen­ta­tion and safety review
  11. Evalua­tion of the common safety method (CSM).

Schaeffler Techno­lo­gies GmbH & Co. KG

Training Services for RAMS/LCC

The Schaeffler Techno­lo­gies GmbH & Co. KG as provider of appli­ca­tions in mecha­nical enginee­ring intended the intro­duc­tion of a RAMS/LCC manage­ment system. For that services of training, modera­tion of a customer discus­sion of the railway industry as well as for the imple­men­ta­tion of a workshop essen­ti­ally had to be performed.

Gebr. Bode GmbH & Co. KG

RAMS Analysis and Safety Case for Different Door Control­lers

For the use on rail vehicles a safety case was drawn up regarding the door control­lers being delivered by the Gebr. Bode GmbH & Co. KG. This had to be finally edited, completed and assessed. Therefore the required RAMS and LCC analyses had to be revised as well as the safety cases drawn up on the basis of the CENELEC norms EN 50126, EN 50128 and EN 50129 and the SIRF respec­tively. Further­more, trainings had to be carried out on product safety, using an FTA tool as well as to the theme RAMS.