Alstom Transport Deutsch­land GmbH

Support Regarding the RAMS and LCC Analysis for Rolling Stock

Within the scope of develo­p­ment and approval of the regional railcars X60, X61, X62, XCC and XCN support services regarding the safety manage­ment as well as RAMS/LCC analyses had to be performed by GRABAND.

In parti­cular the following items were enclosed:

  1. Safety manage­ment and documen­ta­tion
  2. Drawing up and monito­ring of risk analyses on train and sub­system level
  3. Drawing up and keeping of the total technical safety case on train level including Automatic Train Protec­tion (ATP)
  4. Drawing up of technical safety cases for sub-systems
  5. Assis­tance of RAM manage­ment
  6. Drawing up of relia­bi­lity analyses on train level
  7. Drawing up of failure mode, effect and criti­cality analyses (FMECA)
  8. Drawing up of fault tree analyses (FTA) for functions
  9. Analysis of safety requi­re­ments of the ETCS 3.0.
  10. Assess­ment for mainten­ance documen­ta­tion and safety review
  11. Evalua­tion of the common safety method (CSM).